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The excursion to the Cetacean Sanctuary, is an experience that pleases everyone: families with children, fans of naturalistic photography, tourists from all over the world and locals who want to admire the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea.

The tour: a fun and even instructive experience. Our biologist, always present on the boats, will assist your observation with comments, information and curiosity, thus transforming the experience of pleasure into a real opportunity to learn.

For all the detailed information we are waiting for you in reception!

Aquarium Route

Come and immerse yourself in the largest exhibition of aquatic biodiversity in Europe.

Stroll through the world's most fascinating seas and waters, discover and experience an unforgettable experience.

Spectacular environments, the new thematic paths to know all the secrets, curiosities and details of a place that never ceases to surprise and excite.

Suitable for young and old, the Aquarium of Genoa is definitely the place for you!

Aquarium Plus

Immerse yourself in the world's most fascinating wet environments.

Travel through the Aquarium, the Biosphere, a place to learn about the fauna and flora of tropical forests, delicate ecosystems threatened by human exploitation. You'll be able to get up close and over 150 species, admire their fragile beauty and understand how their survival depends on you too!

And finally, the Bigo panoramic elevator, The elevator cabin takes you to 40 meters high and rotates at 360 degrees, giving you a wide view of the port and the city. It features photo panels and multilingual audio system (Italian, English, French and German) that tell the beauty of Genoa; the comments are accompanied by a pleasant background of music.

Live, for more than three hours, on the Aquarium Planet PLUS!!!


Find out what binds man and the sea, above and below the surface of the water.

Visit the Aquarium (duration 2 h 30 ca) and continue your itinerary at the Galata Museum of the Sea (duration 2 h ca), the largest maritime museum in the Mediterranean.

Then continue the Submersible Nazario Sauro, the first museum ship to visit in the water, living a new and rich experience linked to the theme of the sea and the history of navigation.

The GalatAquarium IS WAITING FOR YOU!

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