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Catamaran by DeVille (June to October)

What could be more fun and at the same time relaxing than passing a day in Catamaran? What if we add the aperitif on board?

You and your lover will enjoy a great glass of Prosecco in front of a sunset, while the wind and the salsetle will frame this romantic scenery.

Portofino kayak tour / sunset katak tour (June to October)

With a kayak instructor and a marine guide, paddle along the coast from Paraggi to the picturesque port of Portofino until you reach Olivetta and the Lighthouse.

Let yourself be captivated by the charm of these territories full of history and curiosity. To feet of the lighthouse where nature becomes more "wild", a refreshing dip in front of the Breathtaking scenery is an experience you won't miss!

Short hike ideal even for those who have no experience.

Portofino snorkeling tour (June to October)

Snorkeling is an activity that gives different emotions to each swim.

Famous for its Posidonia prairie, the bay is rich in flora and fauna: in company of a marine biologist admires and you know the underwater world of the area Marina of Paraggi and Portofino!

Snorkeling is undoubtedly one of the activities outdoor aquatics that require little equipment, allows you to dive literally in nature, looking at the coast and the sea from a different point of view, without ever being equal or boring.

Portofino e-bike selfguided tour
(June to October)

This tour brings advantages that are discovered by pedaling: The tranquility of an energetic pedaling effortlessly thanks to the e-bikes, the beautiful views that with others transport go unnoticed!

Everything you need (a map with the points of interest and the way to go, a storage items so as to travel light and, crucially, the bikes) will be provided to you at the Rental center of e-bikes and bikes in Santa Margherita Ligure!

Portofino by DeVille (June to October)

It is certainly one of the most iconic landscapes of the Riviera Genovese, with its colorful houses and one step away from the sea, also known for high-end boutiques fashion, who are we talking about but the charming Portofino?

But in addition to beautiful town, there are fascinating paths to do and find yourself in admire the horizon!

Included in the package you will have round-trip transport for this delightful Borghetto and on your return, waiting for you, a dinner at our Restaurant Xèna!

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